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Search commands

Module currently not implemented in fakeredis.

Unsupported search commands

To implement support for a command, see here

FT.CREATE (not implemented)

Creates an index with the given spec

FT.INFO (not implemented)

Returns information and statistics on the index

FT.EXPLAIN (not implemented)

Returns the execution plan for a complex query

FT.EXPLAINCLI (not implemented)

Returns the execution plan for a complex query

FT.ALTER (not implemented)

Adds a new field to the index

FT.DROPINDEX (not implemented)

Deletes the index

FT.ALIASADD (not implemented)

Adds an alias to the index

FT.ALIASUPDATE (not implemented)

Adds or updates an alias to the index

FT.ALIASDEL (not implemented)

Deletes an alias from the index

FT.TAGVALS (not implemented)

Returns the distinct tags indexed in a Tag field

FT.SYNUPDATE (not implemented)

Creates or updates a synonym group with additional terms

FT.SYNDUMP (not implemented)

Dumps the contents of a synonym group

FT.SPELLCHECK (not implemented)

Performs spelling correction on a query, returning suggestions for misspelled terms

FT.DICTADD (not implemented)

Adds terms to a dictionary

FT.DICTDEL (not implemented)

Deletes terms from a dictionary

FT.DICTDUMP (not implemented)

Dumps all terms in the given dictionary

FT._LIST (not implemented)

Returns a list of all existing indexes

FT.CONFIG SET (not implemented)

Sets runtime configuration options

FT.CONFIG GET (not implemented)

Retrieves runtime configuration options

FT.CONFIG HELP (not implemented)

Help description of runtime configuration options

FT.SEARCH (not implemented)

Searches the index with a textual query, returning either documents or just ids

FT.AGGREGATE (not implemented)

Run a search query on an index and perform aggregate transformations on the results

FT.PROFILE (not implemented)

Performs a FT.SEARCH or FT.AGGREGATE command and collects performance information

FT.CURSOR READ (not implemented)

Reads from a cursor

FT.CURSOR DEL (not implemented)

Deletes a cursor

Unsupported suggestion commands

To implement support for a command, see here

FT.SUGADD (not implemented)

Adds a suggestion string to an auto-complete suggestion dictionary

FT.SUGGET (not implemented)

Gets completion suggestions for a prefix

FT.SUGDEL (not implemented)

Deletes a string from a suggestion index

FT.SUGLEN (not implemented)

Gets the size of an auto-complete suggestion dictionary