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Graph commands

Module currently not implemented in fakeredis.

Unsupported graph commands

To implement support for a command, see here

GRAPH.QUERY (not implemented)

Executes the given query against a specified graph

GRAPH.RO_QUERY (not implemented)

Executes a given read only query against a specified graph

GRAPH.DELETE (not implemented)

Completely removes the graph and all of its entities

GRAPH.EXPLAIN (not implemented)

Returns a query execution plan without running the query

GRAPH.PROFILE (not implemented)

Executes a query and returns an execution plan augmented with metrics for each operation's execution

GRAPH.SLOWLOG (not implemented)

Returns a list containing up to 10 of the slowest queries issued against the given graph

GRAPH.CONFIG GET (not implemented)

Retrieves a RedisGraph configuration

GRAPH.CONFIG SET (not implemented)

Updates a RedisGraph configuration

GRAPH.LIST (not implemented)

Lists all graph keys in the keyspace

GRAPH.CONSTRAINT DROP (not implemented)

Deletes a constraint from specified graph


Creates a constraint on specified graph